ACF series Activated carbon filter

  • ACF series Activated carbon filter
  • ACF series Activated carbon filter
  • ACF series Activated carbon filter
ACF series Activated carbon filter ACF series Activated carbon filter ACF series Activated carbon filter

ACF series Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter ACF series

        Compressed air oil removal products: ACF

        Working pressure: <1.56 Mpa

        Entrance temperature: 50℃

        Filler: special activated carbon adsorbent

        Color available: Starry Sea Blue / Tranquil Grey

Product presentation

        Activated carbon filter ACF series is the use of activated carbon to the strong adsorption characteristics of oil pollutants to remove oil, with the tank structure filling sufficient special activated carbon adsorbent, and by optimizing the internal pipeline structure to ensure the uniform airflow through the tank filling bed, so as to ensure the oil removal performance of products. The quality of activated carbon filler directly affects the oil removal effect of activated carbon filter. We use the large specific surface area activated carbon material suitable for the removal of gas oil pollutants, and the loading amount is also a hundred times or even a thousand times of the ordinary filter element type filter, and the oil removal effect can ensure Class_0 oil free in the design cycle.

Product advantage

1.Differential pressure meter

        The differential pressure meter is configured to monitor the operation of the activated carbon filter in real time, and can remind the user to replace the activated carbon filler

2.Differential Pressure Gauge

        The compacting device of fixed granular bed is set internally to ensure the tightness of the internal filler, which can effectively avoid the wear of the activated carbon particles caused by loose fillers.

3.More energy saving

        High efficiency filter with low pressure drop can ensure the energy saving of the system

4.Special activated carbon

        Special activated carbon adsorbent and sufficient loading can effectively remove the oil and steam in the compressed air, reaching the CLASS 0 standard

5.High efficiency oil removal    

        The optimized internal pipeline structure of the adsorption filter ensures the uniform distribution of airflow inside the tower, so as to ensure the oil purification effect of the equipment

Operational principle       

        Activated carbon is a non-polar adsorbent with a strong adsorption capacity, and its specific surface area is generally in 600~2000 ㎡ / g. The oil in the compressed air (C6+ above hydrocarbons) is very weakly polar, and the adsorption and removal ability of the activated carbon is very strong. Activated carbon can not only remove the liquid oil and suspended oil in the compressed air, but also well adsorb and remove the oil vapor. After treatment, the oil content of the compressed air after treatment can reach the national standard of level 1 or above.

Selection parameters