Class 0 oil-free air by catalytic technology module ZR series

  • Class 0 oil-free air by catalytic technology module ZR series
Class 0 oil-free air by catalytic technology module ZR series

Class 0 oil-free air by catalytic technology module ZR series

    The ZR series is a modular equipment developed based on catalytic oxidation technology, which is equipped with an integrated oil-free air compressor system,As an oil removal and purification product, it is not affected by the quality of ambient air, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filter element consumable life.It can be directly matched with a regular oil compressor,As an oil-free engine system, we Provide Class_0 oil-free compressed air to customers,According to the highest standard of GB/T13277.1-2008 (eqv. ISO8573.1-2010).


Inlet temperature:20~50℃

working pressure:6~40barG

ambient temperature:0~45℃

Inlet oil content≤200mg/m³

Outlet oil content:≤0.01mg/m³


working pressure:6~40barG or >40barG(MAX 350barG)

The inlet temperature exceeds the range of 20~50 ℃

The ambient temperature exceeds the range of 0~45 ℃

In case of any of the above situations, the customer needs to provide technical parameters such as operating environment, working conditions, and compressor system. Our company can customize the product specifically and provide customized design services for the entire system of oil-free compressed air.

Product Introduction

        The ZR series is a modular equipment developed based on catalytic oxidation technology, which is equipped with an integrated oil-free air compressor system,As an oil removal and purification product, it is not affected by the quality of ambient air, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filter element consumable life.It can be directly matched with a regular oil compressor,As an oil-free engine system, we Provide Class_0 oil-free compressed air to customers,According to the highest standard of GB/T13277.1-2008 (eqv. ISO8573.1-2010).

Product advantages and characteristics

1.Oil free and sterile

Continuously and stably provide compressed air with Class_0 oil-free and sterile in accordance with ISO8573.1-2010 standard

2.Lower cost

It can be equipped with ordinary oil-free air compressors to provide oil-free compressed air for users, which is cheaper than conventional oil-free compressors

3.Strong adaptability

Not affected by ambient temperature and oil and moisture content of inlet compressed air

4.Safe and reliable

Multi-point data acquisition, complete system control and emergency protection measures form a safe system

5.Energy saving and cleaning

Equipped with energy-saving air compressor,more energy-saving production of oil-free compressed air;The equipment makes no noise and produces no toxic or  harmful pollutants,The condensate in the back-end system of the equipment can be directly cleaned and discharged.

6.Easy to assemble

The equipment structure is simple and easy to assemble with the air compressor system

Technical Principles

Using the Independently developed high-efficiency catalyst,Catalytic oxidation reaction of oil pollutants in compressed air under the action of a catalyst at a certain temperature: CnHm + (n + m / 4) O2 nCO2 + m / 2H2O.

Completely convert C6+hydrocarbons into CO2 and H2O,And achieve bacterial inactivation under high temperature,In order to obtain clean compressed air Oil free and sterile.

Configuration Description

1.The oil-free module can directly integrate into the low-pressure  oil lubricated screw air compressor system, becoming an oil-free air compressor system that can directly provide users with low-pressure oil-free compressed air.

2.The oil-free module can integrate at the outlet of oil lubricated screw air compressor, and the rear end is equipped with an oil-free piston supercharger, which can provide customers with medium and high pressure oil-free compressed air of different pressure levels;

3.The oil-free module can be directly integrated into the rear end of the oil turbocharged engine, providing users with medium and high pressure oil-free compressed air corresponding to the exhaust pressure of the turbocharged engine.


        The ZR Series are configured in a low-pressure system, and the front of module must be directly equipped with a gas liquid separator as standard, ensuring effective drainage at the bottom of the gas liquid separator; If it is installed at the rear end of an oil powered booster, it is required to install a gas-liquid separator as standard at the front end of the booster, and ensure effective inter stage cooling and gas-liquid separation at all levels of the booster.