Intellectual property is the key to high quality development and healthy competition in manufacturing industry

Intellectual property is the key to high quality development and healthy competition in manufacturing industry

        Science and technology is the primary productive force. Every major innovation in knowledge and technology in history has brought about profound changes in the production and life style of human society. and individual organizations of countries that are at the forefront of these innovations in knowledge and technology tend to reap more benefits and fruits brought by these changes.  As big as the reconstruction of the world national order, as small as the subversion of the situation of enterprise competition, all follow this law.

        In the modern society,  it is generally accepted that the innovation of knowledge and technology should give priority to the consciousness of the creator.everyone to encourage  to participate in the innovation of knowledge and technology, and It is also to create an environment in which the fruits of a pioneer's Labour are not exploited by imitators for a quick profit.

        Intellectual property rights refer to the exclusive rights that people enjoy according to law on the fruits of their intellectual labor, which is usually the exclusive or exclusive rights granted by the state to the creators to enjoy on their intellectual achievements in a certain period of time. Including: copyright, patent right, trademark right and so on.

        In October 2000, in order to promote the awareness of all sectors of society to respect knowledge, advocate science and protect intellectual property rights, and create a legal environment that encourages knowledge innovation. The World Intellectual Property Organization has adopted a proposal to establish the World Intellectual Property Day, and has decided to designate April 26 as the annual World Intellectual Property Day starting from 2001.

Intellectual property rights is an intangible wealth, which is the best embodiment of our wisdom and creativity. China is already the world's largest manufacturing country. However, in many industries, the large profits of high-quality customers who demand high-tech products are still taken away by foreign companies, while domestic enterprises are limited to the middle and low-end market by constantly reducing costs and reducing prices. Such a large situation can not avoid the problem of core technology bottleneck, nor bring more benefits to business operators and practitioners, and the ability to resist risks, especially the risk of technological innovation, is also quite weak.

         We call on the public to respect intellectual property rights and maintain market order. All walks of life should stick to the road of independent innovation and blossoming, and reject the short-term benefits brought by "bringing". Only when the flowers of innovation compete can our enterprises and the country truly grow up and fight in the business sea of the world market. However, the short-term benefits of plagiarism will only pull the threshold of the industry down and evolve into a false industry,and No one is willing to innovate. Chinese people can only compete ruthlessly at the lowest end of various industries with price wars.

         CHONGQING BAOSI PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.has attached great importance to intellectual property since its establishment. Up to now, it has declared 54 patents, including 19 invention patents, 33 utility model patents and 2 appearance patents. the company has obtained the intellectual property management system certification, at the same time also won the title of intellectual property advantage enterprise in Chongqing.

        We believe that intellectual property is the key to breaking the manufacturing industry from big to strong. Patent, or honorary titles, are the best witness of the enterprise's persistent pursuit of technology. At the same time, we also call on the same industry to invest more in knowledge and technology research and development and new technology application practice. Together, we will create an era of excellent technology, reliable quality and excellent reputation in China's compressed air post-processing industry.