Case sharing: Large auto parts manufacturers enterprises choose the overall solution of high-quality compressed air purification

Customer introduction


The customer is a large auto parts manufacturer, located in Danyang, Jiangsu province,which mainly provides auto headlights and decorative parts for major automobile manufacturers in China.

In addition to the use of instruments, pneumatic valves and purging gas in the production workshop, the compressed air is mainly applied in the spraying process. The spraying of headlights and automobile appearance decoration parts has relatively high requirements on the quality of compressed air. If the content of water, dust and oil in compressed air is not well controlled, it will be directly reflected in the product, affecting the quality of products and reducing the qualified rate.

Selection reason

The customer expands the production scale, adds several spraying production lines, the demand for compressed air gas increases.so it was necessary to expand the existing air compressor station.At the same time, APP spraying robot is used in the customer's new production line, which further improves the quality requirements of compressed air compared with manual spraying, so as to achieve no oil, low dew point and low gas consumption. The customer wants to find a more effective solution in the quality of compressed air, procurement cost and other aspects.

Through continuous in-depth technical communication with the customer,Baosi purification was finally chosen: using two stage compression energy-saving screw type collocation Class 0 oil-free air by catalytic technology and BH Series and so on a complete set of post-processing equipment.

Quality and effect

The technology of Two stage compression energy-saving screw type is mature and stable with low energy consumption; Our Products are not affected by the oil content in the atmospheric environment, and can efficiently convert the oil in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water to realize Class_0 oil free. With the BH Series, the machine has low gas consumption, strong dehydration ability, and the stable pressure dew point is controlled below-20℃.

Compared with other high-quality oil-free compressed air acquisition methods, this scheme has obvious advantages both in terms of procurement cost, operation and maintenance cost, and energy consumption. After the delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment, the customer tested the quality of the compressed air, and the purification indexes of various pollutants met the requirements of the customer, and the equipment operated stably to meet the customer's needs.

Industry applications

At present, most of the auto parts manufacturers are still directly using the oil lubricated screw air compressor. With the update of production process, especially the application of spraying robot, the demand for high quality oil-free compressed air will be more and more extensive, Compared with the direct replacement of oil-free machine, Our products can be directly installed in the existing oil lubricated screw air compressor system,which can not only reduce equipment procurement costs, but also play the advantages of energy saving oil lubricated air compressor in energy consumption.

Company profile

Baosi purification as the first manufacturer of compressed air post-treatment system certified by German TÜV Class_0 oil-free technology in China. The Class_0 oil-free air by catalytic technology is an ideal solution to quickly achieve Class_0 oil free. No air compressor replacement, can be directly installed in the existing compressed air system, fast, long consumable consumption cycle, stable operation and reliable effect; it is also very suitable for use in medium and high pressure environment, which solves the problem that oil free compressed air of medium and high pressure is not easy to obtain. Meanwhile, our company has complete independent intellectual property rights, core materials are independently developed and obtained related patents. After being introduced to the market,Baosi purification’s Class 0 oil-free air by catalytic technology has been well received by users.It provides a more cost-effective choice for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce equipment maintenance costs.