Well-known sanitary ware brand enterprises re-purchase Our products

Customer introduction

        The customer is a Jiangxi HVAC Technology Co., LTD., which was established in 2005, is a collection of product research and development, manufacturing, sales, logistics, service as one, to provide global customers with bathroom drying rack,electric towel rack and other HVAC products of the household sanitary brand enterprise.

        In the production process of bathroom accessories, compressed air is mainly used in laser cutting, spraying, automation, instrumentation and other fields, which is one of the indispensable power sources.

Project situation

        These 4 sets of equipment purchased by our company this time have been re-purchased by the customer for the third time. Three of them are used for the construction of compressed air station house for laser cutting equipment, to achieve the overall management and  centralized gas supply, so as to achieve the energy saving and emission reduction of the station room. And the other 15m³/min oil remover equipment will be used in the product spray painting process will be used in the product painting process.


        Before this, the customer has purchased Our produced for laser cutting machine. The previously purchased equipment is all for the use of a single laser cutting machine, and made good use effect, which well protects the laser cutting equipment and reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Using effect

        In the laser cutting stage, the compressed air is used as a protective gas. Compressed air mainly acts on the lens of the laser cutting machine head. If it contains oil, it is bound to cause pollution to the lens, which will seriously reflect the laser, causing the quasi-value mirror, focusing mirror and laser head to burn out. Clean compressed air can not only protect the laser cutting lens, but also can effectively protect the lens, improve the cutting efficiency of laser cutting, improve the quality of the cutting parts.

In the spray painting industry, the high oil content of the compressed air will lead to the low adhesion of paint, and seriously even lead to pits, bubbles, hemp points and other problems on the painting devices. The compressed air after clean treatment can effectively reduce the failure rate of spray painting devices and improve the efficiency of spray painting.

Technological superiority

        The TCAC series is an oil removal,which is based on catalytic oxidation technology, specially used for compressed air oil removal equipment, sustainable to provide the highest purification level of Class_0 compressed air according to ISO8573-1 standard requirements.

        The equipment is not affected by the ambient air quality, pressure, temperature, humidity and the life of consumables such as filter elements, and has the advantages of high stability and low energy consumption. When installed at the back end of oil lubricated screw air compressor, oil-free compressed air can be quickly obtained. It not only retains the advantages of low energy consumption of oil lubrication screw air compressor, but also meets the needs of users for oil-free compressed air.The product has passed the inspection and certification of the authoritative department and is widely used.