Enterprise honor

About Quality

       As a rising star in the field of compressed air post-treatment in China, Baosi Purification is positioned as a high-quality national brand, focusing on technical innovation and quality of products. It is a national happy technology enterprise. The equipment production strictly implements the quality management system to ensure that the production process is real-time and controllable, and ensure that the product quality is constant and strict. At the same time, the company is also a member of the China Communications Association Gas Purification Equipment Branch and a participant in the compilation of relevant national regulations on compressed air.

       The company's oil removal products have passed the German TÜ V Class_ Level 0 oil free certification and relevant testing certification of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute are the first in China to obtain German TÜ V Class_ Manufacturer of post-treatment equipment for compressed air with Grade 0 oil-free certification.

About Innovation

        From the certification of the intellectual property management system to the title of Chongqing Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Bosch Purification has always attached importance to the management of intellectual property and insisted on taking technological innovation as the permanent driving force of the enterprise. Up to now, 52 patents have been applied, including 19 invention patents, 31 utility model patents and 2 appearance patents.